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About JobIntersection

Job Intersection is an online hiring portal that bridges the gap between job seekers and hiring managers. Our mission is to empower budding and experienced career professionals to land their dream jobs through relevant employment applications.

Unnecessary redirection from the job boards to multiple websites is a time and energy-consuming process. Job Intersection tends to that subject and provides a scalable solution. Our vision is to create an indispensable portal to match suitable candidates to the right employers and career opportunities.

Job Intersection makes your job finding journey easier and prompt. We understand that you deserve a job experience that enhances your resume and adds to your experience, all the while helping you manage your work-life balance.

Our main objective is to empower the candidates with necessary insights and humanize the process of job search. The platform harbors an index of the global job listings based on categories, industry, and job roles. We enable companies to land the best hire, and the candidates land their dream jobs. At Job Intersection, we list the jobs directly from the employers, job portals, and varying company portals, allowing candidates to apply to multiple jobs from one place. The listings include updated job postings every day to ensure that the right candidate never misses on an opportunity.

Our platform also eases navigation for the job seekers by listing and aggregating the jobs based on keywords, city, visa-based jobs, etc. The platform caters to individuals looking for full-time jobs as well as part-time jobs and seasonal jobs. A dedicated section for the categorized jobs based on Visa types attracts non-residents who plan to move to the U.S to improve their career opportunities.

We deeply care about helping people find the right employment and adapt to the new environment. Our listings are based on relevancy to ensure you a thriving career. We aim to make your career navigation easier and fruitful.