10 Best Retail Careers

12 Apr 2021

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A lot of us would have worked in the retail industry at some point in our careers. Retail is not only one of the largest employers but also offers a variety of employment opportunities. If you want to begin your career in the retail industry, here are a few interesting roles you can consider:

Beauty Consultant  

Beauty consultants are found in beauty salons and at the cosmetic counters. They introduce new beauty products to customers and show how they can make them look better. They guide people pick the right kind of products. Beauty consultants earn is around $13.07 per hour. After working as a beauty consultant for some time, and picking up the relevant skills and knowledge, you can start your own beauty salons and work independently.


If you are an entry level job seeker, trying to crack the retail job market, this job position can give you the break. Every retail store needs a cashier to manage the billing and store accounts. And so there are a plenty of open positions for this role. On average a cashier is paid $11.30 per hour.

Shop assistant  

Shop assistant makes sure that the customer who has come to the store has a good experience there. The shop assistant shows the customer around the store, helps him locate the items, introduces new products, advices on options available and answers his questions. The average salary a shop assistant is $12.13 per hour.

Floor manager  

The floor manager is responsible to manage the floor staff, hire and train them, and supervise the work performance. Most of the employers look for candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and some experience in retail to hire for this role. The average salary of a floor manager is $44,874 per annum.

Customer service supervisor  

The customer service supervisor manages the customer service team. His responsibilities include hiring and training new customer service personnel, monitoring their interactions with customers, helping them resolve customer complaints, handle escalations and strive to improve the quality of customer service. Creating and maintaining a positive image of the company is on the top of his priorities.

Regional managers  

Regional managers visit several outlets of the retail company and supervise the operations. A regional manager is assigned a particular region and is responsible for increasing sales in that region. Good perks and other benefits like travel expenses, stay charges, etc make this job a lucrative and coveted option in the retail job market. The average national salary of a regional manager is $77,408 per year.

Retail sales associates  

Sales are the ultimate goal of any retail store. The sales department is always on the lookout for ambitious and self-driven individuals eager to make a mark in the industry. Though the starting salaries are low, retail sales jobs are open for fresh and inexperienced candidates. Also they come with a promise of good career growth. As per the BLS estimation, a sales associate makes $11.70 per hour.

Retail marketing manager  

A retail marketing manager plans campaigns to attract people to the retail stores and designs campaigns to increase the sales. He works closely with the sales team and the floor staff to understand the consumer psyche and behaviour. The marketing managers are paid $72, 954 per annum on average.

Loss prevention specialists

This role is responsible for enforcing the company’s loss control policies and implementing measures to prevent damages and thefts in the company. Loss prevention specialists come up with ways to maintain a safe environment in the store. This role fetches around $ 13.76 per hour.

Store manager

A store manager is responsible for everything about the store- from operations to sales to personnel working in the store. He hires, trains, and supervises the teams. He takes stock of inventory. He makes sure the complaints of the customers are handled appropriately. Store managers are paid $48,150 per annum approximately.

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