10 Best States to Find Jobs in the United States

24 May 2021

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The United States is known for its abundance of opportunities, especially on the career front. And, even though the country is extremely popular among immigrant workers and professionals from varying industries, the reputation of job availability doesn’t necessarily equate across all the 50 states in the country. Take 2020, for example. After 11 years of rapid growth and expansion in the economy, a global pandemic was enough to raise the unemployment rates by 14.7%. Although the numbers are consistently recovering in 2021, contributing to the rising GDP, there are a handful of states in the U.S that stand out in terms of the unemployment rate, job growth, and the availability of diverse niches and industries. The top 10 states in the United States considered the best for your job-seeking results are:


Colorado has the second-best economy in the United States, with an unemployment rate of 6.4%. Aside from offering rewarding careers in public service, Colorado also has a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, mining, and tourism. Also, the 68.5% labor force participation ensures job seekers with competitive pay and added medical benefits.


Closely following Colorado, the second place on the list of the best U.S States for employment is Utah. The Bee Hive state is known for its strong work ethics and diverse work culture, housing several immigrant workers. The state is also the one with the highest-grossing economy, with an unemployment rate of just 2.9% as of March 2021. Aerospace, defense, health technology, and IT are some of the leading industries in the state.


Although quite tough on the tongue, Massachusetts epitomizes business culture in the United States. With a 6.8% unemployment rate and the rising start-up and entrepreneurship culture, the state is shaping itself as a leading state for job seekers, especially in the computer and electronic product manufacturing, chemical engineering, and food processing industries. The stable economy of the state and a safe environment make it a good option for accommodation and renting too.


With a minimal unemployment rate of 3.2%, Idaho is another U.S state popular among job seekers. Aside from the accessibility to the leading high-tech industries, including web development, real estate, and marketing, Idaho is also well-known because of its low cost of living. The labor force participation in Idaho is 63.6%, which is ideal for beginners starting with their careers.


From the state and public federal jobs to jobs in the private sector, Virginia is one of those chilled and laid-back states ideal for families to settle in. According to World Atlas, around 66.67% of the state’s employment and GDP contribution is by the service sector. The unemployment rate as of March 2021 is 5.1%, and the labor force participation of 66%.

New Hampshire

The employment rates in New Hampshire are consistently growing. Along with competitive salaries and evolving career opportunities, New Hampshire boasts a stable economy too. Engineering and construction industries are popular in the state. The state also has a reduced unemployment rate of 3.0% and Labor force participation of 66.8%.


Infiltrated mostly by young professionals from across the world, the state deserves to be on the list of top 10 states for employment. Thanks to the growing industries, reasonable cost of living, and a welcoming community of people! It is also one of those few states in the United States with companies that ensure a comfortable work-life balance for employees. Architectural, Civil engineering, and IT jobs are on the rise in the state. As of March 2021, the unemployment rate in the state is 3.7%, with labor force participation of 66.9%.


Ideal for career starters and experienced professionals, Nebraska is one of the top U.S states that you wouldn’t regret relocating to for a job. From the rising employment in the service sector to the increasing number of jobs in the research and IT industry, Nebraska is a perfect spot for settling down early on or even during the last few years of your job life. The state’s employers offer impressive salaries with affordable real-estate investments for a comfortable living. With the least unemployment rate of 2.9% in the U.S, the state is rapidly growing in terms of economic stability.


According to the reports by the Minnesota government, the state is touted as one of the most livable states in the U.S. So, if you were worried about the safety of accommodation, you wouldn’t have to anymore. With leading employers, including Mayo Clinic, Polaris Industries, Hormel Foods, Ecolab, etc., the state has great job opportunities. It currently has an unemployment rate of 4.2%, as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Labor force participation in the state is 69.5%.


If you thought Vegas is only good for casino games and gambling, the state of Nevada is going to prove you wrong. Despite having a current unemployment rate of 8.1%, Nevada has one of the most fast-paced and flexible employment scenes. Aside from a range of benefits that the employees can enjoy, Nevada also has a lesser tax slab than some other U.S states. The state is also ranked #2 in terms of future job growth, according to a report by Kiplinger.

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