6 Professional and Effective Tips to Ace Your Skype Interview

26 May 2021

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Even though the practice of Skype interview has gained momentum in the past year due to the world being hit by a pandemic, it was a popular option even before. But, the thought of Skype interviews and video conferences can be nerve-wracking for interviewees, especially if it is your first time.

Skype interviews are often used as the first round of introduction to the candidate. So, if you fail to nail it, there are chances you wouldn’t even qualify for the next round of interview. Whatever the interview stage is, there are a few tips that can help you ace your Skype interview and land that dream job.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Focus on the attire 

Just because you are attending an interview from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you can sit for it in your pajamas. Dressing formally for an interview, even if it is a virtual call, is essential. For the best impressions, look through the company’s website and social media handles to see how the employees usually dress. Some companies have “formal” attire every day, while some companies allow simple casual attires. Dress your part if you want to ace the first round of interviews.

Focus on the surroundings 

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing the interview from your home; you need to maintain the decorum. Try and clean the room that you will be sitting in. Nobody wants to see clothes hanging off the side of the couch. If possible, take the interview in a well-lit room where there’s ample natural light. Also, focus on the backdrop of the wall you are sitting against. Try to sit against a neutral background wall for better focus on you. It is also crucial that you close the door to the room and block out the windows to minimize noise.

Focus on your body language 

While we are all trained and guided to attend a face-to-face interview and excel in it, there are chances that you might not know what to do during a Skype interview. Even in a video conference, you need to emanate confidence. Avoid looking down or getting distracted by the things in the room. Instead, maintain eye contact with the person interviewing you and have an engaging conversation with them about the job prospect. Be fluid in your posture instead of just sitting in a single position.

Hold a mock interview 

If this is your first time attending a Skype interview, you are bound to get confused and anxious about it. It might feel awkward in the beginning. However, that doesn’t mean you need to give up and not take it seriously. Instead of letting the fear overpower you, take some time off to reflect. Mock interviews are a fantastic way to overcome your fear. You can ask possible questions to yourself and then answer them accordingly. It gets you a test run of the actual interview and puts your mind at ease. If you want, ask a friend or family member to volunteer for the mock interview.

Have a list of notes  

Treat your Skype interview like an online examination. You can have a few cheat sheets spread out in front of you with crucial points that you might forget otherwise. This helps you extend the conversation and add value to the exchange of words. Sometimes, when you are in the heat of the moment and get anxious, it can become hard to remember what you want to say next. In such a case, have a small piece of paper with notes that can help tide you through the situation. Note down the crucial points in bold and bullet points so you can read them easily without fumbling.

Put on a smile 

Interviews are a serious affair, no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean you need to have a blank face from the start till the end. If you were going to smile in an in-person interview during the greeting, why not do the same here as well? Holding the same resting face expression gives off boring and monotonous vibes from your personality. That is the last thing you want the interviewer to feel. Smiling and engaging in proper conversations during the interview gives off a natural and lively persona that interviewers often enjoy and connect well. Smiling can help you build better relationships and break the ice that has been lingering during the conversation.

Final Words 

There are no two ways that Skype interviews are intimidating. But, if it connects you to your dream job and possibly a better future career, you need to go with it. Sit down, take deep breaths, recall all your preparations and just let your confidence do the rest. Sometimes, the best you can do in a Skype interview is be yourself!

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