7 Top High-Paying Work from Home Jobs You Should Know About

28 May 2021

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While the practice of work from home might have witnessed traction during the pandemic, it was on the rise even before that. A survey report from Upwork states that even before the pandemic, 57% of Americans were already working from home a few days a week while 42% relied on remote working permanently.

If you want to tap into a new career opportunity or start a side hustle from home to build your emergency fund, here are a few work-from-home jobs that you can consider looking into.

Web Developer

With a median annual salary of over $70,000, a web developer is responsible for designing websites for personal and commercial use. Given how more and more business and individuals are switching their products and services online, having an official website has become quintessential.

This has paved the way for the growing demand for web developers, which will likely see an 8% spike by 2029.

Virtual Assistant

Another popular and rising work-from-home job that many individuals explore as a side hustle is that of a virtual assistant. The primary task of a virtual assistant is to help organize and manage the administrative and social tasks of a business or an individual content creator. This is one of the fastest-growing remote jobs that require qualified individuals to manage one or multiple clients at once.

The annual salary ranges between $20,000 to $30,000 and could depend on the job profile, requirements, and the entity you are working for. The job description includes answering emails, planning content calendars, and distributing the required business documents to the respective recipients.

Interpreter or Translator

If you are fluent in English and a commonly spoken native language in the United States, you will be able to find enough work from home jobs in schools, corporations, and even courts. Both interpreters and translators work with either written documents or audio files.

There is a fantastic scope of growth in this work, suggesting a peak 20% rise in job requirements by 2029. The median annual salary ranges between $50,000 to $60,000 as a base.

Travel Agent

While you might think that travel is not on the cards right now, the industry is gradually gaining a rapid boom across the world. If you are well versed with holiday destinations, tours, and adventures, you can make the most out of that knowledge by becoming a travel agent. The pay is handsome, not to mention that you get to deal with clients from across the globe from the comfort of your home.

The job prospects for travel agents might not be at their peak right now, but it is surely set to get better over time, especially with the world getting back fewer travel restrictions now.

Therapist and Counsellor

With the taboo on talking about mental health struggles gradually lifting, more and more people are coming forward to talk to therapists and someone professional. This sudden normalization will enhance the growth of this job prospect by 22% by the end of 2029.

So, if you have the qualifications and the certifications needed to practice as a professional family therapist or career counsellor, we'd suggest that you give this a go. The annual income ranges between $45,000 and $55,000.

Freelance Writer

If there's one work-from-home job that is evergreen, it is a freelance writer. Now more than ever, business and content creators from across the world are on the lookout for independent writers for blogs, articles, and news pieces. While the concept of having in-house writers is still prevalent, several firms are now outsourcing their work for enhanced variety and quality.

For the individuals with flair in writing and necessary research skills, this work-from-home job prospect is gratifying. The rates are extremely subjective and depend on the writer's expertise and the kind of projects they take up.


With the quarantine and lockdown hitting, online schools have gained immense traction. Several service-based websites offering online tutorials have opened up on the internet. The advancing technology has seamlessly bridged the gap between students, teachers, and quality education.

While you can’t expect fast growth and steep promotion opportunities in this field, the salary range is very promising and enough to lead a life with comfort. The salary generally starts from $50,000 annually for kindergarten and can go as high as $80,000 while tutoring college students.

Final Words

Remote working is here to stay and it will flourish. The above job roles are some of the most in-demand options that you can blindly look into. Always ensure that you invest your time finding worthy clients or work prospects while starting a new side hustle. And if you liked the work setup that the quarantine pushed you to, convert it into a full-time gig!

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