8 Top Technologies to Enhance Remote Working Experience

01 Apr 2021

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Even before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world off, companies endorsed remote working and tried to make it a lot more mainstream. With the increasing number of freelancers worldwide, the concept of remote working is not alien now.


However, the changing face of work is now pushing employees and companies to familiarize themselves with the recent technological breakthroughs. These are primarily done to streamline the overall work experience like no other.


If you want to enhance your remote working experience, here are a few of the top technologies you can consider.



Working in a company means that you need to keep up with the team members and ensure seamless communication. Having a GSuite account makes that possible. From uninterrupted video conferencing experience to easier chatting and file sharing, this platform makes it all possible with a tap of a button. It is to be used in tandem with a range of productivity applications and business tools that further make your work a lot more seamless and organized.



Although not every freelancer needs a remote desktop, it becomes necessary when you work with a team. TeamViewer is one such popular remote desktop application available on multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. From seamless clipboard attachments to file transfer, this application makes a lot of work possible remotely without any interruptions. Not only does it enable a secure interaction, but it is also available for an affordable subscription rate.



If you are a freelancer with a small team or if you run a small business with a few co-workers, Workful is a pretty good platform to use. It helps with human resources and payroll management, making the process a lot organized and simple for you. It is a very affordable interface, making them accessible for everyone in question. It has a sectioned dashboard with tax filings, timesheets, PTOs, and a separate section for employees' updated information for easier access in the future.

Meeting Owl  


You will not know how hard video conferencing is with a large team unless you've done it wrong. Meeting Owl is a one-stop solution for just that. It is a uniquely designed 360-degree video conferencing camera that focuses directly on the person speaking in the room. It enables the remote viewers to get a clear and panoramic view of the meeting room, making the entire meeting a lot more fruitful and productive.


The key to a company's success lies in the projects they have in the funnel. Asana is a popular project management tool that ensures that each assigned member is on the right track with his/her task. It has an organized dashboard with highlighted tasks and different projects that enable the employees to keep track of their work from one place. It has virtual to-do lists and review sections that allow the authorities to check the tasks' progress and then leave comments for further changes (if needed).


While emails are often considered the primary form of communication, Slack is here to change that. It is interactive collaboration software that a company can make the maximum use of. Not only does it enable employees to have simple work-related communication, but it also allows the employees to work in separate groups and update the team members about the work progress via these channels. It is a lot similar to WhatsApp but more for professional use.

Microsoft Teams  

If your work makes you deal with different Microsoft Office apps and tools, Teams is a must-have technology for uninterrupted remote working experience. It enables users to access, edit and share the files in real-time for faster work progress. Moreover, it allows the users to host video conferences and meetings as per requirements. This platform's layout and user interface are more professional than the other modes of communication that you have likely used so far.


Whether you manage a business or you manage a team in a company, giving monthly reviews and feedback is crucial. 15Five is a performance management tool that makes the process easier for you. It enables easier regular check-ins between the employees and managers to ensure optimal engagement and open conversations. Keeping up with routine check-ins with the employees also comes in handy when you want to know how well they are adjusting to the new work-life and whether they need any help along the way.

Final Words  

These are some of the few technologies and tools that can further elevate the whole remote working experience. A sudden switch to remote working can bring in a lot of adjustability issues. So including these tools can help address those concerns. Building a remote team or even working individually requires the support of tools and technologies. With the ever-growing popularity of remote working solutions, don't be surprised with the availability of more tech solutions for a robust user experience.

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