8 Top Technology Trends For 2021

02 Apr 2021

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Technology is now integrated into every tiny facet of our lives. From helping us with consistent evolution to accelerating our progress in every field, technology has now become an integral part of our existence. But, if there’s one attribute of technology that stands out, it is the fact that it’s never static. It keeps on evolving and improving with every single year. In 2021, the technology trends seem to touch whole new levels of innovation, and we are here to reflect on some.

Below are some of the top technology trends that you can expect in 2021.


AI and Machine Learning  

While AI and Machine learning aren’t novel a concept or trend, they are likely to witness further growth in 2021. Estimated reports suggest that the cognitive and AI systems will reach $57 billion in valuation by the end of 2021. This trend indicates that the year 2021 will pave the way for creation of more and highly-paid jobs in the fields of AI and machine learning. According to a report on Forrester, 9% of total job increases in technology will rise from AI and machine learning.

Internet of Behaviors  

Internet of Things is a familiar concept. But what is the Internet of Behaviors? Often abbreviated as IoB, it is a standard process of keeping track of the users' actionable data, and behavior to then change the campaign's approach and strategies. It involves heavy feedback loops to improve the work approach further. There will be a range of societal and ethical implications that organizations will have to keep a check on with IoB.

Introduction to 5G and Full-range Implementation  

The world is gradually gearing up for the 5G spectrum, and it seems that the advent of it is finally going to edge around in 2021. Not only will it promote better digital collaboration, but also streamline video calling and work from home cultures. The successful implementation of 5G in 2021 will also pave the way for actionable collaboration with the Internet of Things (IoT). Several companies leveraging IoT will see enhanced customer preferences over 5G in 2021.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  

For the novices or beginners who aren't aware of RPA, it uses software applications to automate many company processes, including transactions, data management, and even email. It helps organizations automate trivial and repetitive tasks that cut out on time spent on the company's creative work processes. Forrester estimations suggest that 9% of worldwide jobs will be on the cusp of disbanding with the introduction of RPA. The evolution of RPA will also introduce several unique job roles that IT professionals can consider looking into.

Privacy-enhancing Computation  

Another likely technology trend that will rule 2021 is enhanced privacy computation. With the consistent rise in security breaches and cyber-crime, users are now looking for solutions that provide end-to-end encryption and enhanced security for the users' sensitive data. This form of computation involves three different technologies – one that safeguard sensitive data, one that deals with analytics, and a third one that encrypts data and algorithms.

Customer Data Platforms  

Customer data platforms offer companies and organizations a 360-degree view of the customer's journey and help them with the relevant metrics that help improve their customer interface and future interactions. There has been a significant rise in the number of customer data platforms in the past few months. With several big companies losing millions due to poor data management, 2021 will be the year that things change. CDP is further going to help bridge the gap of data availability by extracting data from multiple sources.


Blockchain technology isn't limited to Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency. It is levied for several other security reasons, which will witness a further spike in 2021. With the encryption level it offers, more and more industries are now leveraging and implementing Blockchain to keep their processes secure. With this new technology being rapidly adopted, companies will hire professionals with proficiency in Blockchain to fill those new job roles created, including Blockchain developers, to mention one. If you are looking to increase your job prospects in this field, focus on the related programming languages and software applications.

Increased Requirement of Developers  

The IT industry will experience a shift in 2021, especially with the introduction of new technologies and developments in the existing ones. Companies will therefore focus and depend more on their development teams to streamline the involved processes further. So, 2021 is the year that will witness a steep increase in the demand of developers, especially in the cloud-based environment and the automation industry.

The above discussed are just a handful of the technology trends that 2021 has in store for us. There are going to be a lot more, especially those involving virtual and augmented reality. Aside from their implementation in several industries, these technology trends will also open up many job opportunities that enthusiasts can eagerly look into. So, if you are planning on branching out and improving your professional career path, 2021 is an excellent year to take that leap of faith.

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