9 Top Mobile Programming Languages To Get Your Career In Right Direction

01 Apr 2021

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According to an Evans Data Corporation's report, the U.S harbored over 4.2 million software developer jobs in 2019, leading the world's list. But, that is not where it stops. The report further mentions that the number of full-time employment in app development and software is likely to grow up to 28.7 million by 2024.

The pivotal factor to successful app development is learning the programming languages. With over 600 programming languages known to date, learning every one of them can be challenging.

With the rising demands for software developer jobs in California, Texas, Washington, etc., the ideal candidate's needful skills are also enhancing. Wondering which programming language will get your career in the right direction is needed. The following are the few top programming languages that every mobile app developer needs to know about.


Python has become an integral programming language, not just for mobile app development but also for web development and desktop GUIs. It is an extraordinarily simplistic and readable language that should be on every app developer's learning list.

Not only does it help with the Android but also the iOS app developments from scratch. If you wonder what kind of daily-use applications use Python as a programming language, the list includes YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Spotify, and even Quora.


Considered as an entry-level programming language, this is a must-know for every app developer, whether they are a beginner or advanced. This programming language helps with developing object-oriented applications with functional programming. It is not the essential language in app development but helps control web pages.

It is such a favored language among app developers because a single-time coding of the app enables the users to release them on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows


Predominantly a new programming language, Kotlin was specifically designed to support Java. The programming language has become so popular that even Google regarded it as the best option for Android app development. Since this is a relatively new programming language, it is incredibly scalable and compiles to bytecode, much like Java.

It is perfect for the mobile app developers who are stuck using Java for the longest time but plan on migrating to a new programming language for their existing or new applications.


Another reasonably new app development programming language is Swift. It is an open-source language that aligns its coding with iOS, tvOS, etc., platforms. Not only is it scalable, but this language is also aligned with all the safety features needed for seamless app development.

The language is exceptionally expressive and relatively seamless to work with. Some of the standard applications that are developed with Swift include LinkedIn, Hipmunk, etc. The best thing about this language is that the syntax is extraordinarily expressive yet concise. It also ensures a safe design that creates some of the lightning-fast software.


As weird as the name of the programming language is, Rust is likely one of the best system programming languages. It is sponsored by Mozilla and helps the developers develop safe and interactive apps. This language's syntax is similar to C++, so if you know C++, you will not have a hard time grasping Rust.

The best thing about this programming language is that it helps point out the errors during compilation. It allows minimal risks of errors and helps fix them before the final presentation of the app. If you are making an app for Windows, the coding can be a little complicated.

HTML 5  

Even though this programming language is not directly linked with mobile app development, it helps web-based applications for an excellent tester for a robust application for other platforms. The apps developed with HTML5 are also capable of pairing with other frameworks, allowing more personalization and functionality.

It is still a budding programming language among mobile app developers, so you need to wait for a more immersive app developing experience with this language. Some of the best examples of apps made using HTML 5 are Google Docs and Google Drive.


No, we aren't talking about the precious stone but a programming language. In particular, this one is a back-end scripting language that is mainly used for developing object-oriented applications. It has integrated more higher-level multiple paradigms in the language over time, making it a more functional programming language.

The best part of this language executes the instructions and codes directly instead of compiling them into the machine language. For your reference, some of the best apps made using this language are Airbnb, Twitter, and Shopify.


Yet another one of the recent programming languages that every aspiring mobile developer should know about is Scala. Its inception was in 2019, so it is a relatively new language. It is a general-purpose programming language that enables functional programming for seamless mobile app development.

The main reason behind this language's development was to fix the errors that happen because of Javascript coding. Much like Java, even Scala is object-oriented and allows multiple functionalities, including lazy evaluation, pattern matching, and currying.


As it is commonly called, Structured Query Language or SQL is yet another must-know programming language for every aspiring mobile software developer. It helps establish seamless communication and manipulation of the standard database in multiple applications. The language is equipped to handle innumerable transactions in a single query.

The usage of this language is mostly done in the business intelligence tool platforms or applications. It helps with faster retrieval of data and has a high availability of the data as well.


If you are preparing to land your next big software developer job in the U.S, these are a few of the essential programming languages you need to be fluent in. Not just the adaptability but knowing the implementation is equally necessary. Just know that these are just the basics, and there are many more evolving languages that you need to familiarize yourself with. After all, technology is evolving every day, and so are the resources.

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