Outsmart emotional challenges of job search

07 Jun 2021

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Not everyone manages to land his/her dream job. If you are stuck in a job you don’t really enjoy, you need to finds ways to keep up your motivation and hope; you need to perform well in the role you are in and continue the search for your dream job. Exploring new job opportunities can be both exciting and anxious. And if you were turned away by many employers earlier, the job search will become emotionally challenging.

Job search is full of ups and downs, emotional highs and lows. It might take a few weeks to a few months to land the job you dream of. So you will need all the support you can get to be able to outsmart the emotional challenges of job search. Here is some advice to help you navigate through the tough waters.

Know yourself

Knowing yourself is the first important thing you should do. Take stock of your skills, achievements, strengths, and shortcomings. Apply for jobs that feed your talent. Not every job you apply for turns out to be fruitful. Accept the fact that several companies can reject you. Notice how you feel when you have been denied. It is obvious to feel low but train your mind not to lose self-confidence.

Express yourself

There are many sample resumes available online. They have very catchy words that can woo an employer, but it is recommended to know how to express yourself in your own words. The choice of words and grammar play an important role. Always have your views rather than being pressured by what others expect you to say.

Try creating a better version of you in every interview

An interview is the only means for the employer to know who you are, your personality, skills and experience you have. So, approach interviews with proper guidance and practice. Interviews are no longer one-sided sessions. You can be proactive, ask questions about the company and your role. This makes the session interesting and impress upon the interviewer that you are serious about the job. If you cannot get through an interview, analyze what could have gone wrong and try to correct it in the next interview.

Always be social

You may be an introvert, but don’t let that become detrimental to your job search. Maintain a good rapport with other job seekers, your current and ex- colleagues and bosses. Share your thoughts with them. Understand and respect other’s feelings. When you have a large network, you will get to know about different job opportunities, even those that are not published. Build good relations with employers and HR professional over digital platforms.

Take rejection in a positive way

Expect the unexpected. Remember that everything has its positive and negative sides. If a few employers turn you down, it is not the end of the world. Think about it from the employer’s perspective. You might not be the candidate they are looking for. There are possibilities that you are highly qualified for the role. Or it might not be the right job or the right company for you. Fear of rejection should never withhold you from applying and participating in interviews.

Learn how to make decisions

Always make your own decisions.If you feel a job is not suitable for you, do not apply. Do not go for a job just because a friend recommended it. Indeed, you do not want to ignore his/her help, but that would never mean that he should decide what is good for you. Be proactive in your job and career research. Opportunities never come knocking on your door. Spot and seize them. Take your own decisions, follow your heart and trust your gut.

Manage stress

Though it may sound very easy, practically stress management is difficult. But small steps can lead to success. Adapting to changing circumstances is the key to managing stress. Always be hopeful that you can handle a difficult situation. Keep exploring for job opportunities until you find that perfect one. Do not get bogged down by humiliations and rejections.

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