The 15 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2021

23 Dec 2020

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The U.S tech industry caters to 12.1 million employees, according to a report from CompTIA(Computing Technology Industry Association). Out of this, over 2.3 million are in the IT sector. Full-time jobs in the IT sectors are consistently increasing, scoping out more opportunities for people with advanced skills set.

With such diversity in the single industry, it is not surprising that the IT industry is booming. Even reports suggest that most of the H1B Visa sponsors include the IT firms in the U.S. If you are planning on pursuing a career in IT, here are the top-paying IT jobs that you can look forward to in 2021.

Big Data Engineer

IT firms across the world are always looking for actionable strategies. One of the ways they do it is by transforming the existing raw data from the database into a compiled form for further actions.

The big data engineers play a pivotal role in improving the software and hardware architecture of a company. As for the qualifications and expertise, a degree in computer sciences and applications is preferred.

The annual pay for this job varies between $160,000-$170,000 and could be more as well.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing existing data and provide with actionable insights about the business. It is a very diverse field comprising of multiple responsibilities.

They are also responsible for organizing the available data and even involve in the statistical analysis of the available information leveraging artificial intelligence.

The annual pay for this job varies between $110,000-$120,000.

Information Systems Security Manager

The one thing that every IT firm is cautious about is a data leak. The Systems Security manager helps keep sensitive data secure. Ideal candidates for this IT job need to have an excellent technical background with ample experience in network and systems security.

Aside from prompt communication skills, the individual needs to have good analytical and problem-solving skills as well. There are some allied certifications in the field that employers might ask to reproduce.

The annual pay for this job is $150,000.

Software Engineer

The most common IT job is that of a software engineer. According to the statistics from the Bureau of Labor in the U.S, it is believed that there could be a growth of 22% in this field by 2029. The ideal candidates for this job generally use programming languages for developing user-friendly software.

Since this job post is so common, there are several vacancies worldwide for entry-level opportunities. With experience, the job roles and positions are promoted as well.

The annual salary starts from $92,000 and can go up to $110,000 and more.

DevOps Engineer

If there is one field in the IT industry that is booming right now, it is that of the DevOps Engineer. They need to be well versed in multiple coding languages and a basic understanding of systems and security.

These individuals work in unison with the developers and IT staff to navigate timely code releases. They also often work with network operations, depending on the job description of the role.

The annual salary for this role starts from $120,000 and could be more.

Data Analyst

Data analyst and data scientist are two different jobs. An analyst is mainly responsible for managing and analyzing a firm's existing data to suggest strategic business moves. They also use multiple data analyzing tools for accurate results and representation.

They are also responsible for acquiring data from multiple sources, analyzing them, and portraying them for the organization's benefit. They could also be involved with handling the internal and external data for the firm.

The annual salary is around $62,000 and could be more depending on one's experience.

Mobile Applications Developer

According to reports from Buildfire, Mobile apps are expected to generate over $189 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. With more than 2.7 billion smartphone users globally, the job of App developers is on the rise.

These individuals need to know the coding languages necessary for developing applications on both the iOS and Android platforms. Aside from that, basic knowledge about web development tools is also a must.

The annual pay is around $130,000 to $140,000, depending on the experience and the firm you are associated with.

Solutions Architect

IT firms always need a streamlined approach to their work, and that is what a Solutions Architect helps with. They are responsible for simplifying complex processes to provide solutions to varying business problems further.

They must identify the loopholes and weaknesses in a business and determine the best solution for the issue. They are also required to have better communication skills while conversing with stakeholders.

The job's annual salary varies between $110,000 to $120,000 and more depending on the company and experience.

Applications Architect

The primary selling point of any application is the user interface. An application architect is responsible for designing the primary parts that deal with the application's user interface and infrastructure.

Execution and communication skills are a must-have for this job role, especially because they are often asked to lead developers' teams. It is one of the most sought-after IT jobs with handsome pay.

The annual salary starts from $140,000 and could be more depending on the job responsibilities.

UX Designer

With the world basing their businesses via online portals, websites have become an integral part of these IT firms. The role of the UX designer is to work on the user experience on the website. They need to make the website navigable and easy to interact with.

They amalgamate concepts of user psychology, existing user data, and the requirements to develop varying visions for the website. They need to find loopholes in website navigation and fix them to enhance the user experience for the better further.

The annual pay for this role starts from $85,000.

Database Manager

IT firms function based on available and existing data, which is extensive. A database manager's role involves compiling and arranging the data to make them scalable for future business strategies.

These job roles are often available in MNCs with an extensive database that needs sorting and arrangement for more decisive leadership and strategic execution.

This role's annual salary generally starts from $137,000 and could be more depending on the firm and the experience.

Systems Administrator

Since IT forms primarily deal with computers and laptops that deal with software and hardware issues, a systems administrator provides technical assistance in case of any discrepancies. They manage the monitor systems and handle any security issues in the system.

They are also responsible for looking over the data backups and recoveries and upgrading the existing system and information. They also install the new software and test them before installation.

The annual pay for this job is around $65,000.

Network/Cloud Architect

The growing use of cloud-based services in the IT industry has led to an increase in demand for this job role. They are responsible for designing and upgrading the network or cloud-based projects in a firm.

They need to be extremely prompt with solutions concerning the issues with the network architecture. Since this role is highly demanding and deals with crucial data and projects, it demands years of experience.

The annual pay ranges between $140,000-$150,000 and could be more depending on the assigned job responsibilities.

Applications Engineer

It is quite an underrated job but has a lot of scope in the IT industry. They are responsible for including sales data and customer input to further design and upgrade multiple software programs and applications.

They deal with the design and development of varying ranges of new applications and software. They also need to be prompt with technical support, if required.

The annual compensation for this job starts from $70,000.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineers are responsible for testing out the various monitor applications' performance and finding any drawbacks in the application/code. Their job role could also demand writing code like a software engineer.

They are responsible for streamlining the process between development and operations and hence it is one of the highest paying IT jobs in the U.S.

The annual salary for Site Reliability Engineer starts at $123,000.


The growth of IT jobs in the U.S and globally is rising consistently. With the world relying on software and applications, it is not surprising that the global IT market is booming. If you are looking for some high-paying IT jobs in 2021, these are some of the best job roles to look into.

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