Top 5 Entry Level High Paying Jobs

05 Jun 2021

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Data Scientist

Data scientists investigate and fetch data from various sources. They primarily work on unstructured data gathered by conducting surveys. Data from online communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc., is also of great use to employers. So they analyze even this data, offer an implementation plan for companies, and help them make the decisions for better performance.

With basic skills like Programming languages, Data processing frameworks, Data visualization, Data extraction, and Data exploration, Data scientists will have the ability to transfer the collected data into actionable results. Hence, both private companies and government agencies hire Data Scientists.

You will need a substantial amount of education to get started as a Data Scientist. With a strong background in Statistics and database management, you can earn up to $95,000 per annum.

Software Engineer

In our current reality, where everybody uses cell phones and PCs, newer apps and technologies are coming up every day. Software engineers are the ones working in the background making these fabulous products. They make the digital world possible, and various software companies who design and build software hire promising software engineers.

As a fresher, you will be responsible for assisting the team in building the particular software or the application. You will need at least a Bachelor's degree in computers to land a job as a Designer, Software Engineer, Web developer, Computer system analyst, Database Administrator, etc. An internationally accredited certification is an added advantage. Strong knowledge in programming languages, text editors, databases, or SQL is a must to be successful in these roles. You can earn up to $90,000 as a software engineer!

Investment Banking Analyst

Investment banking analysts work collectively with the investment banking team to support the investment aspirations of the clients. The clients could be business organizations, banks, government bodies, institutions, associations, establishments, and even individuals.

Investment banking analyst is one of the most lucrative jobs paying up to $85,000 per annum to an entry-level employee. Any individual who is an expert in Accounting, Financial Modelling, Project financing, Project valuation, Financial statement analysis, etc., can apply for this job role. Though you master these skills with practical experience, you need an education degree in finance to land a job.

Product Designer

Product designers are responsible for designing and developing a product- from visual aspects to its feature. When a company wants to make a new product, it avails the expertise of a Product designer who designs and develops the product, keeping the user's requirements, aesthetics, business goals, and objectives in mind and provides a solution using their skills.

A Bachelor's degree or basic course in arts and architecture is a prerequisite to get into a product designer role. If you are good at art and creativity, this role presents you with a great opportunity to show up your innovative skills. Product designers are expected to know to use visual designing tools like Photoshop and CAD, have mathematical and analytical skills, and work with different materials to create models. Some companies pay entry-level product designers up to $85,000 annually.

UX Designer

A User Experience (UX) designer is responsible for obtaining and incorporating, branding, designing, and functioning of a product. They are actively involved in the end-user experience of the product. The product can be software, an app, or any physical item. UX designers often find themselves observing and learning from how consumers interact with the interface of various products.

A Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree in designing, engineering, or a relevant field is a prerequisite to land a UX designer job. Good communication skills, the ability to understand user requirements, turn them into a working model, and in-depth knowledge of user behavior are necessary to succeed in this role. Work experience improves your chances of getting a better offer both in terms of responsibilities and pay. Those good at the job earn up to $73,000 per year even while in entry-level positions.

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