Top Accounting Jobs for 2021

11 Mar 2021

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants, and finance professionals' job opportunities are expected to grow by 4% by 2029. With the proper education for five years and the right experience, landing a good accounting job is never challenging, especially if you have a recognized degree.

Aside from becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), there are many more accounting jobs that you can bag in the United States. From an accounting professor to a managerial account, the list of jobs is extensive.

Following are a few of the best full-time and part-time jobs in accounting that can land you an excellent annual salary and credible experience.


Accounting Manager  

An accounting manager's job role is to sort, prepare, and review the ledger entries and the collections. They are also responsible for drafting the financial statements along with regulatory reporting. People working this as a full-time job are expected to comply with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) while drawing up the budget process. With their experience, they can also train and supervise the accounting staff in the company. The midpoint salary is around $97,000 yearly.

Loan Processor  

When looking for some entry-level accounting jobs in the U.S, the loan processor role is one of the few. It involves both clerical and administrative work that works on the documentation to approve loans and even manage the debited amount's reimbursement. They are responsible for forwarding the documentation of their clients to the loan companies to get approvals. The midpoint salary starts from $35,000 yearly.

Government Accountant  

When looking for some of the best H-1B visa jobs in accounting in the U.S, a government accountant's role is one of the most sought-after options. Once they clear their exams and interviews, they can choose from several job offers from the local, state, or even federal governments. The job demands the highest discretion because they oversee many government documents and procurements and several associated affairs of the government. The midpoint salary generally starts from $59,000 yearly.

Financial Analyst  

Just like the job role suggests, a financial analyst is responsible for preparing a substantial profit or loss model, balance sheets, and the other documentation and reports that their company demands. They are also responsible for suggesting the budgeting variance and the company's business model's future forecasting analysis to help the management take serious budget decisions for the company. The midpoint salary of such individuals starts from $53,000 yearly.

Accounts Payable Clerk  

Another entry-level accounting job that you can avail of during the start of your financial career is by being an Accounts Payable Clerk. Their main job responsibility is to calculate the business transactions, draw timely invoices, and verify the transactions happening in the companies' current accounts. They also take over the financial, clerical support that the company needs for a streamlined work model. They are also responsible for checking the vendor's payment status and ensuring timely reminders for the dues' immediate clearance. The midpoint salary of this job starts from $40,000 yearly.

Loan Administrator  

A loan administrator is here to walk their customers through the loan-approval process and even ward them of the risks. They are not just meant for processing the loans but monitor the payments too. They are also responsible for identifying any suspicious activities from the customers and even handling customer inquiries. The midpoint salary starts from $53,000 yearly.

Collections Manager  

A collections manager is aligned to work for the individuals conducting credit investigations and arranging the accounts of varying customers. They have a team where they hire employees to investigate further and verify the customers' financial status looking for credit. They are also responsible for investigating the documentation to further approve or reject the applications. They also look for any discrepancies in fraud cases. The midpoint salary starts from $46,000 yearly.

Insurance Underwriter  

Health, cars, house, and several prospects in our lives need to be covered by insurance. An insurance underwriter assesses the insurance applications to determine whether they are eligible for the coverage. Once approved, the customers are then suggested with the necessary premiums with the associated minimal risks. This full-time job role also demands assessment of the risk profiles, and they work in tandem with the insurance agents. The midpoint salary starts from $63,000 yearly.

How to Find the Best Accounting Jobs?  

Landing the best accounting job is no cakewalk. It requires a certified degree, experience, and the skills needed to make you the ideal fit. While it is never easy to land a job quickly, there are a few ways to streamline the process.

Below are some of the best skills and tips you can leverage to land yourself the best accounting job.

Work on your professional network  

Expanding your professional network helps you stay informed of upcoming opportunities. It also helps introduce yourself to your next employment. One of the best ways to do so is by attending conferences and networking events – both online and offline. Additionally, try to keep your professional profiles updated on the internet too.

Schedule your job search  

Not many job seekers realize this, but one of the best ways to streamline your job search is by switching to timely scheduling. Doing so ensures better management of your time and helps you keep up with all the job applications. Additionally, try to keep your resume updated and achieve all the latest goals required in the field of accounting.

Start small  

The field of accounting is extremely diverse. If you expect to climb the ladder of success right off the bat, you are mistaken. It takes time, so instead of sitting around, try engaging yourself in the temporary accounting jobs. These kinds of assignments help you gain experience and expertise for better jobs in the future


Finding the best accounting job in the U.S can be a little tedious, but the results are promising. With the proper education, degrees, and experience, it becomes easier for you to become eligible for all the open positions available in the field of finance and accounting.

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