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05 Jun 2021

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With over 740 million members on LinkedIn, the platform has established itself as one of the leading networking platforms for professionals. Aside from the members, LinkedIn has over 55 million registered companies, meaning that your next job prospect could very well be in your network of people on this platform.

Reports from Hubspot suggest that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads and turning prospects into payable clients as compared to Facebook and Twitter. However, if you are looking to land your next big career move, there are over 14 million open jobs that potential candidates can apply for.

And, these job openings aren't just limited to the traditional desk jobs, but there has been an increase in the number of remote job postings as well between March to December 2020 amidst the rise of the global pandemic.

While the LinkedIn algorithm is highly refined and hi-tech to ensure better networking of like-minded and career-centric individuals, optimizing your profile is necessary for better outreach. Having a standalone profile acts as a job magnet, bringing more and more clients and recruiters to your profile with a potential job offer.

Some of the general LinkedIn profile tips are indeed applicable to every LinkedIn profile available. However, there are a few additional LinkedIn profile tips and hacks that are subjective to the job role you are applying for.

For your convenience and better understanding, we have sorted out some of the best LinkedIn profile tips that can help distinguish you from your most formidable competitors.

General LinkedIn Profile Tips

Before we highlight some of the exclusive LinkedIn profile tips, we wanted to get a few general tips out of the way. It doesn't matter whether you are applying for a full-time job or a contractual position; these general tips are applicable for every profile on this platform.

Start with a Professional Display Picture

Remember that LinkedIn isn't Facebook. This means that having a casual profile picture instead of a professional one can cost you your next big career opportunity. Even statistics suggest that the LinkedIn profiles that hone a professional display picture have 14x better visibility than the ones that don't.

Try updating your profile picture in a professional setting with formal attire where the prospects can see your front profile. Also, having a solid background in the image is always a plus.

Work in Important Keywords

Not many users know this, but not just your LinkedIn posts; even your profile needs to be well-equipped with keywords to ensure a better outreach. However, don't include random keywords. Instead, research for the keywords that are aligned to your niche and work experience.

You can always integrate the keywords in your designation, summary, and even your location if you target location-specific jobs. But, always keep in mind that you need to be extremely careful and constructive with the keyword placement in your profile. You don't want to overdo anything.

Have a Complete Profile

One of the biggest mistakes that you are likely making on LinkedIn is keeping your profile incomplete. There could be a lot of excerpts that define that. You could have a lacking summary, or you can even miss out on mentioning the complete description of your job role.

You would be surprised to know this, but LinkedIn experts have time and time emphasized that the LinkedIn algorithm pushes the complete profiles more. Much like how you wouldn't rely on a brand with no online presence or a complete profile, the same goes for your LinkedIn profile too.

Focus on the Top Sections

The top sections in your LinkedIn profile include your cover photo, headline, recent experience, job description, and the essential information that a potential recruiter will see once they land on your profile. Keep those sections filled with all the rightful information with the timeline so the recruiter understands your current work profile.

Aside from these sections, focus on the recommendations and certifications part as well. If you have worked for companies or clients before, ask them to add their testimonials under the Skills and Endorsements. This enhances the credibility of your LinkedIn profile.

Write a Headline That Stands out

If you follow the herd and write generic headlines beside your name on your LinkedIn profile, you are already diminishing your credibility on the platform. Remember that your headline is more than your job title. It is the phrase that bridges the gap between you and your next big opportunity.

For example, if you are a freelance content writer, you can add that as the main headline and highlight some of the other specific skills you have. Frame your headline in a way that captures your professional career identity.

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