Top Nursing Jobs That Allow Remote Work

25 Jan 2021

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To provide some medical help when a person is sick is a quite satisfying job. Traditionally, nurses would work in clinics, hospitals, or at patient homes. However, with advancements in technology, this scenario started changing. Newer jobs with tasks that can be fulfilled remotely emerged, and the traditional jobs too started allowing little flexibility. But now, with the global pandemic, nursing jobs are actively undergoing a transformation to allow more and more remote working. Wonder what kind of services a nurse can offer from home? Well, read on to know more.


Health care call center nurses  

Nurses in Health care call centers check on the patient's health over phone calls and provide timely medical advice. The outsourcers of medical business and the insurance companies are the major employers hiring nurses for health care call centers.

Case Manager Nurse

Coordinating between nurses and the patient is the job of a case manager. Typically, a nurse case manager is assigned to patients who require special care. He may be asked to be available to patients by text, phone, or mail. This role is suitable for those who have experience in case management.

Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant provides advice on medico-legal issues such as doctors' negligence, personal injury, compensation from accidents, etc. They review the medical code data and records and give reliable information to the attorneys.

Nurse Liaison

A Nurse Liaison is a person who acts as a bridge or advocate between the health care providers and patients' families. He assesses and reviews the patient's eligibility for admission, communicates with the case managers, insurance claims, if any, etc.

Clinical Strategist

A Clinical Strategist is required to identify the working of multiple Accountable Care Organizations. An ACO is a group of doctors and other health care providers who voluntarily provide medical care to the patients. Clinical Strategist brings them together to identify their key improvement areas and reduce gaps in quality care.

Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics deals with the maintenance of patient data records. It requires data management skills and familiarity with medical terms. Experience in nursing is not necessary for this role but would be an advantage. This role is related to IT. So, remote work is allowed after initial training.

Clinical Quality Analyst

Clinical quality analyst reviews patient records and reports to ensure that there are no discrepancies. He is responsible for the management and administration of clinical quality programs such as dental check-up campaigns, eye check-ups, etc., carried by the health care provider.

Nurse Practitioner Quality Specialist

A professional certified by the board of nursing as a nurse practitioner can become a Nurse Practitioner Quality Specialist. He is responsible for the quality of the medical care given by the telemedicine nurse practitioners to the patients.

Utilization Management Nurse

A Utilization management nurse performs case reviews and monitors clinical and non-clinical activities. He is also responsible for connecting and following up with the physicians regarding the treatment of individual patients. He helps the medical team prevent patient complications during their stay at the hospital.

Clinical Trial Management Associate

The Clinical trial management associate performs data management activities. He interacts with hospital management and clients regularly. He is responsible for the collection, delivery, and analysis of samples in a clinical trial. He assists the project teams with tracking the trial's progress in clinical trial management systems.

Sounds exciting? If you are looking for a nursing job that allows you to work remotely, he is some advice that will help you with your job search.

Look for an experienced recruiting firm

A recruiting firm that works with health care clients will have information on openings that allow remote working. They will have information on those nursing jobs that are not published too. When you register with them, they will connect you with the employers and share tips to crack the interview.

Double-check the information

It is better to double-check the information provided by the recruiting firm. When you get the chance to connect with the employer, make sure you set the expectations right. Discuss the remote work policies of the healthcare employer, tools and technologies used, reporting structure, etc., in detail.

Salary and incentive

There can be a significant difference in pay and incentive offered to a work-from-office role and a work-from-home role. So weigh the soft and hard benefits thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line.

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